We often get asked somewhere during the computer repair process (usually after the price quote) if we think it is worth it to get a computer fixed, or if the expense should be applied towards a new computer. This question is a tough one for us because there are so many different forms of value when it comes to computers. Many times the importance of all the programs and settings you have on your computer outweigh the difficulty in reinstalling and reconfiguring the entire system should you get a new computer. The most important part of the computer, however, is the data. You can’t buy new photos of your trip to the San Juan Islands. You won’t be able to replicate the videos of your children in a play. You will have a hard time downloading all those songs all over again. And you will be even harder pressed to get all your business documents organized in their folders the same way you had them before. In other words, the time you have put into the computer’s operation is worth something, and it’s hard for us to determine what that is. It’s really up to you.