PC Repair

PCs or “Personal Computers” have been typified with the Windows operating system. In reality, it’s a pretty general name, and could be applied to any computer. But for the sake of continuity, we’ll stick with PCs and Windows being nearly one and the same. So what is a PC? It’s a computer with all the standard parts such as a power supply, hard drive, motherboard, memory, CD/DVD drive, CPU, some fans and a case. Add in a Windows operating system and you’ve got yourself a PC. The benefit of a PC is compatibility, parts availability, lower price point, and customization. Customization is the key word when dealing with PCs. You can usually find a wide variety of customized cases if you have a desktop or a laptop PC. On top of that, Windows – which is the most widely used operating system – has so many custom programs, games, and such a wide variety of ways to personalize the look and feel of the computer that it really becomes a personal expression.

When it comes to computer repair, PCs are the easiest to work on, but they also have the most problems. Since so many people have PCs, it’s the most prominent type of computer we work on. This is good for you, because it means we can get your computer fixed quickly and efficiently, with parts usually available in the shop or able to be ordered in a moment’s notice. Price and availability make the PC repair process that much easier. If you are having a problem with your PC, be it either a virus which is popping up every minute, a blue screen error message which shuts down your computer, or if your PC just won’t start, please give us a call and talk with one of our experienced technicians. Or, find a more specific problem in our menus to get more information.