Desktop Repair

The desktop computer is the mainstay of computing.  When it comes to modern-day computers, the desktop is the powerhouse by which other styles are compared.  Because of their large case, the desktop can fit more airflow and cooling components within it, which in turn allows for more powerful processors and memory to be used.  Heat is the main problem for computers, and with ample space to deal with that heat, the desktop is always on the leading edge of new technology.  As soon as that new graphics card or new processor comes out, you can be sure someone is upgrading it into their desktop.

Benefits of a desktop

The greatest part of the desktop is the standardization that has come along with it.  For a while in its early years, manufacturers were building computers with different internal layouts.  In 1995, Intel released the ATX standard which has remained strong ever since.  This standardization means that your computer looks just about the same as anyone else’s on the inside.  It also means part manufacturers and component manufacturers know exactly how their product will fit into a computer, yielding a diverse product range.  For the end-user (that’s us) we get the benefit of a wide variety of desktops, parts and upgrades.  The desktop computer is the most upgrade-able computer in the market today.  That kind of customization allows for power packed desktops at great prices.

The only downside to the desktop is its size.  The larger size means it is less portable.  So the power you get comes at the cost of having to bear with its name; the desktop, because that’s where it will remain.

Desktop computer repair

When it comes to desktop computer repair, the good news is parts are accessible, easy to come by and easy to diagnose.  Because everything is modular, nothing is built into anything else.  Every component is individual, and basically plugs into the motherboard.  With some expert knowledge and some troubleshooting, we can find the specific problem for any desktop hardware issue.  From there, we put our skills to work getting the problem fixed quickly and efficiently.

Is desktop the same as PC?

Most desktops are thought of synonymous with PCs, or Windows.  However, the Apple Mac Pro is technically a desktop computer.  Many programmers use other operating systems on a desktop computer, so it’s not universal that a desktop is also a Windows machine.  When we talk about desktops, it’s the generalization of the towers which have become so common today.  It could be a Mac Pro, a custom-built PC or a store-bought desktop.  The design allows for easier access and testing of the components, meaning an all around better computer repair process.

If you are having some problems with your desktop computer, please give us a call and talk with one of our expert technicians.  We’re always happy to help!

Desktop repair is working on computers which are either towers, flat desk-top cases, custom-built PCs and even some servers.  This type of repair is the most basic, in that all the internal components of a desktop are usually separated from each other, and are only connected by cabling.  This means when one part goes bad, it’s fairly easy to replace the part and get the computer back in good working condition again.


The components of a desktop are standardized, so they have the same screw hole placement and cabling requirements as other similar parts.  Besides the cabling necessary to connect everything, a basic desktop computer comprises of the following parts:

  • Case or Tower
  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • RAM or Memory
  • Processor or CPU
  • CPU Heatsink and Fan
  • Hard Drive
  • Video Card
  • CD/DVD Drive

Additional items would be the operating system, speakers for sound, a monitor for display, and other PCI cards – such as a sound card if the motherboard has no built-in audio.

With those parts assembled, you have a working desktop computer.  So when it comes to repair, there aren’t that many choices when the hardware fails.  By using our diagnostic skills, we can quickly determine which of those components are causing the problem.

The most common desktop computer repair issues we see are:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Power supply failure
  • Motherboard failure

If your desktop isn’t working correctly, we can fix it.  Also, unlike some other places, we can fix tough issues such as motherboard failures without having to replace the entire part.

Noisy desktop

If your desktop computer is making a lot of noise, such as grinding, clicking, or whining – it’s telling you something is wrong.  Much like a car, if something isn’t right, you notice it.  In these cases, the best thing to do is to turn off the computer and let us take a look at the problem.  Although it could be something as simple as a bad cooling fan, it could also be a problem with your hard drive, which if left untouched, can result in data loss.  So if there is anything odd going on with your computer, let us know and we will be glad to help.

If you have any questions about desktop repair or would like to talk with us, please give us a call and speak with one of our expert technicians!  We’re here to help!