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Spyware removal relates to programs which install on your computer to track your activity on the internet, and some go so far as to record your passwords and personal information. Most spyware is installed as bundled software with other programs. This method is legal and usually involves you accepting the terms of use of the spyware without even knowing what you’re installing. The end result is legal software installed on your computer doing whatever it wants with the information it gathers. Spyware is not always malicious, and some users might not mind. The main goal of most spyware is to gather your information and to sell that information, either as extra targeted advertisements to you, or lists of names, addresses, and phone numbers which are sold elsewhere.

Malicious spyware is more devious in it’s intent. Key logging spyware programs record your key presses to steal your user names and passwords for email, banking websites, and other personal sites. Common attacks even branch out to Facebook or gaming websites to get all your personal information from one place, or to take over your account for other purposes. If you have spyware on your computer, you might not even know it. It might be a toolbar at the top of your browser, or a little window that pops up and then immediately closes every now and then. If you notice any unusual activity, pop-ups, or notice your accounts are being accessed from other locations, you might have spyware installed.

When dealing with a spyware-infected computer, the first step is to disconnect from the internet so no information can be transmitted.  Because spyware is targeting your information, many times it is difficult to notice as the spyware’s intent is to stay hidden. Our skilled computer repair technicians have dealt with so much malware that we know what signs to look for when searching for spyware. We isolate the programs, unhook their processes from your common programs, and delete them for good. After completely removing the spyware, we reconnect to the internet to monitor network activity to verify the removal.

Spyware removal computer repair process:

  • Diagnose your computer for spyware activity
  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Locate and isolate any spyware programs and log files
  • Uninstall or delete all spyware programs
  • Remove any remaining spyware plugins or addons
  • Reconnect to the internet and monitor network activity

The presence of spyware on computers is more common than ever. If you suspect spyware activity on your computer, please give us a call and speak with one of our expert technicians about how to keep safe.

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 Spyware Removal
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 Spyware Removal

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