Desktop Motherboard Repair

Your computer’s motherboard is the connection point for all the other devices in the computer. It has ports for nearly everything – more than you probably use. From audio output to hard drive ports, CD/DVD drives and processors, even power connectors for the system fan, the motherboard is Grand Central Station for your computer. Really, the only independent part of your computer is the power supply providing power to the motherboard and other parts. Because everything relies on the motherboard, it is the last thing you want to fail. It can become one of the more difficult repairs depending on part availability and compatibility. Luckily most motherboards are standardized so if your motherboard does fail, we can repair it fast. One of the big issues we see are bad capacitors or “bad caps”. This means the capacitors on the motherboard have burst open. The capacitors regulate power flow, and so bad caps can yield all sorts of odd issues. Of course, this isn’t the only problem with motherboards – they are so complex and have so many microchips and components that it could be anything. That’s where we come in; we have the experience and tools to diagnose the issue with your desktop to get it repaired quickly, accurately and efficiently. A motherboard repair isn’t the end of the world and our technicians will let you know what your options are if this happens.

Some of the things we check for:

  • Bulging capacitors
  • Heat output of processor
  • Voltage levels from power supply
  • Updated BIOS version
  • Condition of connecting cables

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 Desktop Motherboard Repair
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 Desktop Motherboard Repair

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