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The Mac Mini is a very flexible computer. It is capable of so much yet has a compact, unassuming size. The size is a little daunting until you realize you get the full power of most computers without the extra bulk. This is accomplished by using some of the more compact components to build this mini Mac. For one, the Mac Mini uses laptop hard drives instead of normal desktop-sized hard drives. The memory is laptop sized as well, so the overall space required is much less than a desktop. To round it out, the power supply is external, taking that bulky piece of hardware out of the picture. Repairing Mac Mini’s are much like repairing most desktops, except the enclosure is much smaller. Users also have found that the Mac Mini’s mounting capability is very desirable, allowing them to mount their computer to a wall, or the use the Mac Mini as a server.

Mac Mini Repair Issues:

  • Mac Mini hard drive failure
  • Mac Mini broken USB ports
  • Mac Mini server setup
  • Mac Mini power supply repair
  • Mac Mini wall mounting

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