All electronics produce heat.  Have you ever been using your laptop and you have noticed that it has gotten ridiculously hot?  This is a common occurrence in laptops as there is a plethora of electronic components housed in a compact and mobile platform.  Keeping this in mind, most laptops come equipped with 1-2 fans to keep the heat down.  These fans generally exhaust under or to the side of the laptop, and need to be clear of any obstructions during operation of the laptop.



Many different symptoms can come from overheating in a laptop.  Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Laptop turns off randomly, will not turn back on for a period of time  (Cool down time)
  • Laptop starts to become slow and unresponsive
  • Laptop has no display, however it still turns on

These symptoms are the prevalent errors that we see from overheating, however heat can cause issues all over your laptop.  The reason your laptop turns itself off is that your computer has a safety feature, if it senses overheating it turns off the computer to reduce heat and potential damage.   Another side-product of overheating is component damage.  Heat kills electronics, period.


What we can do for you

First and foremost we will take apart your laptop and give it a good cleaning.  We will remove all dust and debris from the inside and the outside of your laptop to ensure it is getting the most ventilation as possible.  Next we will check your fan(s) to ensure they are working properly and are free from any foreign objects.  Lastly we will replace all of the thermal compound in the laptop to ensure that you have the BEST connections and the BEST protection possible.  Lastly, some laptops are just out of luck when it comes to the cooling side of the house.  That being said we will recommend different ideas to keep the heat down, from a laptop cooler, to the installation of a new or bigger fan.