Data Backup & Migration

If your data is not being backed up, it is only a matter of time before the storage device it’s on crashes. As we go further into the digital age, the documents we have become more important. We rarely have film for photography anymore. Our music is stored by the thousands on our hard drives. Important projects are being pieced together year after year online. All that data needs to be backed up to prevent loss should anything unfortunate happen. We can help you determine the best backup solution for your home or office, and get everything set up so you’re prepared.

  • Determine the number of computers you need to backup
  • Assess the amount of data you need to backup
  • Provide you with options for backup solutions
  • Setup and configure all backup hardware and software
  • Set backup schedules depending on your requirements



When it comes to computer repair, having at least one backup is critical. Many users know their data is important, and when confronted with the desire to keep that data safe, they buy external hard drives to keep copies of their data on. This is a basic solution and works if your data isn’t too important. With this solution, you are manually backing up data, and in most cases you’re not able to backup everything. The only problem with this solution is that external hard drive is probably sitting right next to your computer. This means you’re protected against a computer hard drive crash, which is good, but not protected against any external threat to that data. Even the most expensive insurance policy won’t be able to help you recover family photos lost in a fire if all your data is in one location.


  • Backup now, don’t wait until it’s too late
  • If you use external drives, be careful, they can crash too
  • Know what you are backing up and where it’s going
  • Pick a backup method that works for you
  • Make sure your backup method is simple but effective
  • Backup your data using more than one method


There are many options, and it really comes down to price and practicality when determining what is necessary when backing up your data. The last thing you want is to spend all your time worrying about performing backups. Some users opt for an internal backup on their computer, being concerned only with their computer working even if one drive fails. Some users are comfortable with the bandwidth usage and payment plans involved with online storage. Many offices require something more diverse and large scale, for which we often recommend network attached storage. There are many solutions, and for one best suited for how you use your computer, contact us for more information.


NAS stands for “Network Attached Storage” and is becoming one of the best ways to backup files as well as do many other things over your home network. In simple terms, the NAS is a file server. It’s main purpose is to share files across your network, so anyone connected to your network can share files, photos, video and just about anything without having to use other hardware. Beyond that, the NAS solution we recommend turns into your own personal cloud. You can access the NAS from anywhereeven on your smartphone – to view files, stream music or even watch saved videos. NAS devices are servers as well, meaning it has the potential to do just about anything other servers do, from user management to hosting a website. Please contact us if you would like more information about getting your own personal cloud.