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Sometimes your computer is working, but it’s not working as well as you remember. Overall nothing major seems to be wrong, but you notice it takes longer than normal to open your email or programs. Usually this kind of issue can be resolved with our system optimization and clean-up process. What you get is your computer running cleaner and faster. Every now and then your computer needs a little love.

  • Diagnose Issues : Find what is slowing down your computer
  • Test Hardware : Test your hard drive, memory and other hardware for errors
  • Software Optimization : Remove unnecessary programs which are taking up memory
  • Registry Repair : Remove broken registry entries and clean temporary files
  • Malware Removal : Remove adware, toolbars, and other add-ons you don’t use


We have many customers who use us for regular maintenance on their computers. Over time most users accumulate many different programs, and sometimes those programs don’t uninstall correctly, or leave unwanted processes running in the background which slow down other programs. Along with making sure your computer is running it’s best by taking care of those issues, we also test your hardware to determine if there are any critical problems with your system. Many times we are able to find if your hard drive is failing before it crashes, meaning we can retrieve your data before it becomes a serious computer repair issue. Usually customers who have this service performed visit us either every 6 months or once a year.


There are a few companies out there advertising their ability to run a single piece of software and your computer will be sparkling new again. They try to scare you into thinking you’re going to lose your data if you don’t check your system with their software. This claim is a little strange, because there are large name brand antivirus corporations, and you probably have one of those name brand antivirus programs installed on your machine right now. If the virus gets past your name brand antivirus program, there’s not much chance a late-night TV ad has in getting rid of it.

In addition, there are plenty of “broker” style computer repair companies. You call them, they collect the payment up front, and they either have someone remotely connect to your computer or they schedule someone to come to your house. Unfortunately, these brokers aren’t technicians and all they are doing is hiring local companies or technicians in your area to handle the problem. Many times these brokers find the lowest bidding technician who might not even be qualified for the job. If there is ever a problem in the future, you will have a tough time finding someone to listen to your concerns. With us, you know you have an actual business to talk to about all your computer repair questions, or anything tech related.

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 System Optimization
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 System Optimization

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