Windows Re-installation

Sometimes you just want to start over. Viruses, malware, internet toolbars, 10000 programs, or just preference, a fresh Windows installation will set your computer to factory defaults.  Very rarely a Windows re-installation is needed to get your computer back on its feet.  Most times this is a last resort for our techs, as we can expertly repair your computer while saving your data and the original Windows installation.

Requirements for a Windows Installation

There are some important aspects for a fresh Windows install;

– You MUST have a license for the Windows product you wish to install.  Most times this is found on the side of your desktop PC, or on the bottom of your laptop.  This 25 character “key” will allow you to obtain updates from Microsoft and it will also allow you to register your copy of Windows to the machine it is installed upon.

– Unless specifically requested, all data is lost during a Windows re-installation.  However at A Plus Computer Tech, we can save any data that you would like before we install Windows, and then transfer it after the fresh install!

– Generally a fresh Windows install / reinstall will wipe all of the computer’s drivers and updates.  Do not worry!  After the installation completes we will find every driver and update that your computer requires, and we will install and load them so you don’t have too!

– When reinstalling Windows, you will lose all currently installed programs / applications.  This is because the hard drive must be formatted (deleted + cleaned) for the new installation. In today’s online marketplace, most programs that you pay for are tracked and easily re-downloaded.  If you have programs that you would like re-installed, let one of our techs know during your initial visit.

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 Windows Re installation
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 Windows Re installation

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