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Today’s technological lifestyle has become second nature; using your iPhone to check your email, using your Droid as a GPS, or playing a movie on your laptop. Behind the scenes these functions are provided by the software that runs it. Software is defined as programs used to direct the operation of a computer, as well as documentation giving instructions on how to use them. Essentially they are the apps / programs that your device uses to activate these functions.

From time to time these programs need to be updated or upgraded. From upgrading iOS or Android devices, to updating Adobe or Java programs, keeping the latest software installed is almost always the best way to keep your devices working to the best of their ability. At A Plus Computer Tech we can ensure that all of your devices are up to date with the best software available.

With our optimization process we update all of your current software, and install upgrades when they are needed. We provide Windows upgrades (Windows 7 to Windows 8, etc.), Mac upgrades (Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion), and most any device that you need upgrades for.


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The team is helpful, quick and absolutely fair in their pricing. It’s so great to have them as a resource.

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They are so friendly, I trust them and will not go anywhere else.

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Back in business by the end of the day. Couldn’t be more happy with the speed of service and the provision of information/suggestions.

Mary M.

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BEST SERVICE EVER. Great staff, honest, and quick service! Don’t hesitate to go in this place is the best tech support store I’ve ever been in.

Uto K.

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