Desktop Power Failure Repair

The common complaint is, “It just won’t power on.” For a desktop computer, this is usually a power supply failure. The power supply located in every desktop computer is constantly converting your household alternating current into direct current power. Computers don’t run on AC power, they run on DC power, and that means the power supply is working hard every minute the computer is on.

  • Diagnose the computer to determine the problem
  • Provide you with a price quote for parts and labor
  • Disconnect all power supply wires from motherboard and drives
  • Remove the bad power supply
  • Install the new power supply, reconnect all wires and test

So if my computer doesn’t turn on, it’s a bad power supply, right?

Although many times the cause is a bad power supply, many times it is something else. For example, one reason the computer won’t power on might be the motherboard. This is a whole different computer repair issue. Because of this, our diagnostics check everything to make sure we’re replacing the right part. Nothing would be worse than replacing the power supply to find out it’s something else, wasting time and money on something unnecessary.

How much power do I need from my power supply?

There are lots of power supplies out there, and they are rated by their maximum combined wattage. Although you do want to make sure you have enough watts to power your computer, one thing to note is that the computer itself will only pull the amount of power it needs. This means you can’t get too much power out of your power supply, as the computer itself regulates how much it uses. This is good news, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of a replacement. Unless you are a gamer with a high-end machine, most desktop computer power supplies can be replaced with a cost-effective quality new part to get the computer powered up and running again.

When performing a power supply replacement, we clean the dust from inside your desktop!

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 Desktop Power Failure Repair
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 Desktop Power Failure Repair

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