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Email Setup & Migration

Today’s fast moving society is connected through the internet, and one of the major facets of that is E-mail.  Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.  These programs are all different in their own way, but serve the same purpose, to connect our family / business together.

At A Plus Computer Tech, we understand how important it is to have your email working smoothly.  At both a residential and business level, email keeps us updated, connected, and productive.  We know how to optimize and maintain numerous email accounts / servers so that your home and business can stay connected.

From setting up a 100 person Outlook server to making sure you can video chat over Gmail, we can make it work.  Our expertise in server setup and email migration can help your business stay connected with ease. Problems that could arise in this process that we can help you fix:

  • Cannot connect to Outlook Server
  • Cannot Print / Scan documents
  • Cannot merge contact lists


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The team is helpful, quick and absolutely fair in their pricing. It’s so great to have them as a resource.

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They are so friendly, I trust them and will not go anywhere else.

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Back in business by the end of the day. Couldn’t be more happy with the speed of service and the provision of information/suggestions.

Mary M.

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BEST SERVICE EVER. Great staff, honest, and quick service! Don’t hesitate to go in this place is the best tech support store I’ve ever been in.

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