Plan, Think & Configure Computer

The basic components for building a computer

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Hard Drive / SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Computer Case / Tower
  • DVD Drive

These are all the components for building a new computer. For custom built gaming computer, we start with picking all the high-end parts and customize the system. This is the highend gaming computer. Although we are using the on-board video for now, we will add gaming video card later on. This is using Intel i7-4770K 4th generation Haswell CPU, MSI Motherboard, Corsair TX775 Power Supply and Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD. This computer runs like monster.

Ordering Computer Parts

Assemble Hardware

  • Install CPU on motherboard
  • Install CPU Fan over CPU
  • Install Memory
  • Install motherboard to computer case
  • Install Hard Drive / SSD to computer hard drive bay / slot
  • Install DVD Drive
  • Install Power Supply
  • Connect all cables
  • Cleanup & Organize all the cables and make it nice and neat

Install Operation System & Software

Of course, we are installing Microsoft Windows 7 as operation system, not Windows 8. You know what I’m saying. Windows 7 still by far the best OS we use because Windows 8 is pretty bad at this moment.

We do offer custom build computer as part of our service. If you have any need for custom build gaming computer, please give us a call. We will be glad to help with your need. Even you don’t need high-end computer, we can do whatever fit your need.