A Plus Computer Tech Promo Animation Video

Today, everyone owns a computer of some kind; either a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. We depend on these computers more and more every day, as they help us connect with our friends, family and colleagues. Almost all of us agree; we can’t live without our computers! With this powerful technology at our fingertips, an often overlooked […]

Custom Built Gaming Computer – Intel i7 Haswell 4th Generation

Plan, Think & Configure Computer The basic components for building a computer CPU Memory Motherboard Power Supply Hard Drive / SSD (Solid State Drive) Computer Case / Tower DVD Drive These are all the components for building a new computer. For custom built gaming computer, we start with picking all the high-end parts and customize […]

Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid Install and Review

With all the powerful heat-generating video cards that are coming out on the market these days, keeping your card running at a healthy temperature has become more important than ever. There are many things you can do to help your card run cooler (adjusting fan speed, changing thermal compound, installing watercooling, etc), but today we […]

PAX Prime 2012 Badge Security Features

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again, PAX Prime 2012 is just a couple weeks away.  I have managed to find my way there for a few years now and each time I had to find tickets from a third party.  This year happened to be no different, but after purchasing fake PAX bagdes […]