Custom Built Gaming Computer – Intel i7 Haswell 4th Generation

Plan, Think & Configure Computer The basic components for building a computer CPU Memory Motherboard Power Supply Hard Drive / SSD (Solid State Drive) Computer Case / Tower DVD Drive These are all the components for building a new computer. For custom built gaming computer, we start with picking all the high-end parts and customize […]

Laptop LCD Screen Flickering

Today we have a MacBook Laptop screen that is flicking. Running some diagnostic and testing. This is kind of work we do every single day. It is kind of fun to show you our daily basis job. It is fun! Isn’t it? Computer Model: MacBook A1181 Computer Problem: LCD Screen Flicking Our customer said it […]

Laptop Overheating Issues

When your laptop computer runs very slow, heat might be one of the problems. Modern processors have temperature sensors that down-clock the processing speed if the processor becomes too hot. If your computer is running extremely hot, and you can feel it, that is because of dust buildup on fans and vents, and low quality, dried […]

Tacoma Store Grand Opening

On the 3/21/2012, A Plus Computer Tech opens 2nd store in Tacoma, Washington. After so many years of preparation, we are finally expanding our business down to Tacoma, a big city south of Seattle through I-5 highway. It is about 30 mins driving from Seattle to Tacoma and we are ready to serve the customer […]