Network Solutions

No matter how you use your computer, it’s a good bet you use the internet for connecting with people. Other times, you may have a home or office network where you want to share files between computers, or backup all your data on a shared network hard drive. Whether you want to connect to the internet, connect to all the computers you have at home, or connect all the computers in your office, we provide the quality service to get things networking in no time.

  • Determine your networking needs either by phone or in some cases a consultation
  • We bring all the equipment to you
  • Connect and configure all devices, including wireless security setup
  • Setup shared access to files and folders across the network
  • Run wire when necessary, while keeping it organized

Can I use my internet connection on all my computers?

This is what computer networking is all about. Using the right equipment and the right setup, we can establish a home or office network that allows all your computers to access the internet at the same time. Depending on the type, number, and usage requirements of your computers we will recommend different options to get all those computers talking.


For most home users, the best setup is a home wireless network. This allows you to connect everyone’s laptop, smartphone or other wireless device to the internet. Also, we are able to setup wireless printing – even if your printer isn’t itself wireless – as long as we have a host computer. With more and more devices becoming wireless and portable, a fast home wireless network is a must.

Is wireless slow compared to wired networks?

Wireless networking technology has come a long way. For home networks, the current speed is the 802.11n or “Wireless N” standard. Even the old standards of “G” and “B” are extremely fast when compared to internet speeds. For example, cable internet has speeds of around 16Mbps, where Wireless N has speeds up to 600Mbps. In other words, with good wireless equipment, the full capacity of your internet connection will be used any time you’re using it over a wireless network. Most of the problems users have with wireless networks is the setup and configuration of the network so that it runs at optimal signal strength no matter where your device is in your home. Wired networks are currently faster, however the gap in performance is constantly shrinking. The main use of wireless is the convenience of internet access no matter where you are at home, where wired networking is still the best solution for office networks where transferring large files occurs often.

My office network is a mess, can you help?

We are improving office networks all the time. One of the major complaints we get is that it takes so long to transfer files between other co-workers in the office. We can upgrade your current network to the latest speeds available, which run at around 1Gbps – 10x faster than the previous 100Mbps wired networking standard. This, along with the right equipment to connect all your office computers will solve a lot of issues. Plus, we will take a look at each connected computer to see if it has any problems when accessing shared folders over the network. Overall, we can turn any slow problematic network into a high speed asset to your company.

Wired means lots of wires, right?

In most cases, yes. Wired networks require Cat5e cable to be run between the internet modem, your router, switch, and all computers that need the connection. If done incorrectly, this means wires everywhere. We do offer computer repair services – depending on the job required – where we can run the wires for you, even installing wall outlets for these internet connections. This means all you have to do is plug your computer into the wall, and it’s connected, with no long wires stretching across the floor.