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iPhone repair is all about being precise. You have a powerful computer packed into a small case. In addition to being a computer, the cellular phone and data capability are also complex components. So when something goes wrong, it takes some knowledge and skill to get things fixed correctly. The programs that run on the iPhone are called Apps, and all share the same method of using those apps; touch. The iPhone touchscreen is a thin capacitive touchscreen allowing the recognition of multiple fingers on one device. It seems commonplace today, however the advances of touchscreens have come a long way and the multi-touch capability of the iPhone screen is a huge step forward. It’s not hard to see, then, why the touchscreen is the most important part of the iPhone. And when the screen breaks, your iPhone can be an eyesore, if not a brick. When this happens, we are here to help. With our iPhone broken screen repair, we can fix that issue as well as a number of other problems. We can do full case replacements, even changing you from a black iPhone case to a white iPhone case, or vice versa! The important part is that it’s done right, and done with precision.

iPhone Repair Requests:

  • Cracked iPhone screen replacement
  • iPhone home button replacement
  • iPhone data recovery of music, pictures, even apps
  • iPhone charging port replacement
  • Jailbreaking the iPhone

For an in-depth list and details of all the Mac repair services we provide, please visit our Mac Repair page at http://www.apluscomputertech.com/mac-repair/

If you have any questions about iPhone repair, or computer repair in general, please give us a call to speak with one of our expert technicians!

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 iPhone Repair
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 iPhone Repair

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